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Here are my published articles, all of which intend to help you understand how to develop a successful intimate relationship.

The articles are divided into categories, enabling you to select the ones you feel are more appropriate for you.

If you are seriously interested to learn more about how to become able to develop a successful intimate relationship, you can find valuable information in my book:

 “The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship”, available as eBook as well as paperback:

Doron Gil, Ph.D.

Here is a list of my articles

The following 6 articles are the most recent ones

Do You Know What Controls You and Kills Your Relationship(S)? 
Diagnosed or Undiagnosed Personality Disorder Might Harm Your Relationship(S) - What Should You Do?
Choosing a Partner or Escaping Into the Relationship: The Difference Makes You Happy or Tormented:

Is It Love? Is It Abuse? Is It Neediness? YOU DECIDE!

So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success:

Are You Stuck in an Unsatisfying Relationship? Want to Know What to Do About It? How to Find True, Healthy Intimacy?

The following 8 articles are older:

1. Pretending Not to Be "Who You Really Are" Sabotages Your Intimate Relationships Time and Again' here:
2. Pretending Not to Be "Who You Really Are" Sabotages Your Intimate Relationships Time and Again:
3. Why Disguising Yourself As "Empathic", "Loving" and a "Caring" Person Doesn't Lead You to an Intimate Relationship:

4. Investing in Yourself is Investing in the Relationship! You can then Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship:

5. Presenting a False Image of You Is Counter-Productive for Having a Successful Intimate Relationship:

6. The Mask You Wear to Succeed in Relationships Is the One Which Makes You Fail Time and Again. What to do about it?

7. Independence You: How to Free Yourself for a Successful and Loving Intimate

8. Do You Love Your Partner to Bits and Pieces, Just to Find Yourself Heart-Broken and Alone - Again?' here:

Friendship and authenticity:

He/She is Such a Wonderful Person. Such a Great Friend. But Is It Really So?
A Portrait of People Who Want to Belong at all Costs; Receive Love and Appreciation: Are they Happy?
Love Me, Please Love Me  

Loving too much, sacrificing yourself, fantasizing & self-sabotage  

“I Have So Much Love to Give”. Why Would Anybody Declare So About Himself?
When you give up your will “for the sake of the relationship” you sabotage yourself
When the need for love sabotages your attempts at relationships                                                            
Fantasizing is Great. But… Facing Reality Brings You Closer to a True Intimate Relationship  
Dating too long with no success? Stop dating and take the time to understand what makes you fail

Ready for a long life, having years to have a partner and build a successful intimate relationship?
Why should you listen to your partner’s feedback, and why should it matter to you? 
The image you create of yourself might hamper your friendships and intimate relationships 
Secrets you keep to yourself hoping to keep your relationships 

Have you ever heard your friends talking about you? 

Scared what you see looking in the mirror? Looking at your inner self might help your relationships

Life is not living without fear, life is living despite fear
Can you ever let go of your past and free yourself to having a truly successful relationship? 

Valentine’s Day, Love, Sex, Submission, Self-Awareness and Intimate Relationships

Is there any tool that can enable you to find a partner and develop a successful intimacy?

Can You Program Your Computer to Analyze and Understand your Potential Partners better than You? 

Addiction to love might hinder your ability to develop a successful intimacy

Warning signs on first date: What are they and how to become aware of them? 

How do you decide when to leave a relationship and when to stay?   

Making decisions in hard economic times or when a relationship goes sour

Freud’s defence mechanisms might manifest themselves in your relationships 

The “Occupational Hazard” of Dating 24/7 

Be Aware: Love Can Kill You!

Do You Know how to Win a good relationship and Maintain it?

How to kill your relationship with 5 strokes 


The following 12 selective articles detailing how you can develop a successful intimate relationship:

The Actions You Need to Take in order to Develop and Maintain a Successful Intimate Relationship 

How to Improve Your Chances at Developing & Maintaining a Successful Intimate Relationship? 

Not Being True to Yourself You Harms Your Relationship: Learn How to Become Authentic!   

Being True to Yourself and Authentic is Vital to a Successful Intimate Relationship

The Actions You Need to Take in order to Develop and Maintain a Successful Intimate Relationship 

Why isn’t it Always Possible to Define & Explain to Yourself and to Your Partner What You Feel?   

The Importance of Feeling and Sharing of Emotions with Your Partner  

How to Broaden Your Style of Interaction with Your Partner to Ensure a Better Intimate Relationship   

Snow and Love: Both Might Be Very Romantic, but is it always so?  

The Ultimate Advice: Developing Self-Awareness is Key to Having a Successful Intimate Relationship 

If You Could Write Your Own Novel about Dating, Would it Depict a Success Story? 

Exposing Yourself to Yourself Is a Giant Step towards Building a Successful Intimate Relationship     

If You Could Write Your Own Novel about Dating, Would it Depict a Success Story? 

Exposing Yourself to Yourself Is a Giant Step towards Building a Successful Intimate Relationship 



* Don’t Waste Your Time Dating Unavailable Others

* Being in a Relationship with Someone Who Chooses You to Someone YOU Choose Makes a Big Difference

* What to Do When You Have a Burnout from Dating?

* Don’t Let Your Success with Dating Make You Dizzy: Know When to Stop & Develop a Serious Intimacy

* Why Do You Continue Going On with Someone Who You KNOW Isn’t for You?

* Dating a Partner which is NOT for you. How to Find and Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship

* Have I Known it Ahead of Time, I Wouldn’t Even Begun Going Out with Him

* If You Want to Succeed with Dating, Treat Each New Date as if You Are a Beginner

* Wanted: A Loneliness Expert

* Your Date Didn’t Call to Schedule Another Meeting? Don’t Take it Personally 


* In Spite of Vast Social Media Many Singles Don’t Find a Satisfying Intimate Relationship. WHY?

* Why Being Enrolled with a “Quality Singles” Dating-Site Is No Guarantee for Success?

* You Think You Don’t Have a Partner Because You Are “Particular”?  Think Again…

* Are You Single Wishing to Find a Partner with Whom to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship?

* As Single, Should You Go On Many Dates Before Settling Down to Develop a Serious Relationship?

* Single Mothers in Search for a Partner     
* Single and Dating? Can You Miss Someone You Have Never Met?

* How to Understand the Reasons for Your Failed Relationships and Develop a Successful Intimacy

* Understanding What Stands in Your Way from Developing a Successful Intimate Relationship

* Stinginess, Jealousy & Unfaithfulness and the Need for Control Harm Your Relationships

* Dying for Love Might Kill Your Relationships

* Is it Love or is it Neediness? Learn What Stands in Your Way from Developing a Healthy Relationship

* Time is Money: How to Fail in Your Relationships Time & Again, Unless You Make the Necessary Changes

* “All You Need is Love” – But When Driven by Neediness & Dependency It Harms Your Relationship

* How Do Self-Sacrifice, Neediness and “Being there” for Your Partner Harm Your Relationships?

* Giving up on Your Will for the Sake of the Relationship Harms the Intimacy

* Being Connected to Your Will and Expressing Your Needs Enable You to Develop a Healthy Intimacy

* You Think You Make Conscious Decisions about Your Intimate Relationships? Think Twice!

* Being Stuck in a Bad Relationship and Afraid to Change: One Woman’s Monologue Echoes Similar Stories

* What Can Help You Decide Whether to Stay in a Rotten Relationship or Leave?

* When You Fight WITH One Another Instead of FOR Each Other and Don’t Dare to End the Relationship

* Five Steps to Finding out What Stands in Your Way from Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

* When Your Friend Always “Falls” for the Wrong Man

* Knowing When and How to Let Go is Healthy

* Why Would Someone Delay Her Separation When She Already Knows the Relationship Isn’t Good Enough?

* Do You Understand Your Own Thoughts, Feelings, Fears and Needs about Partners and Relationships?      

* A Sad Story that often Repeats itself Regarding One’s Search for Love and Intimacy

* Lessons People Should Learn – but Don’t!

* As Long as You Begin a New Relationship without Changing what Needs Change, You will Fail Again!    

* A “Complete” Relationship is Based on “Positive” & “Negative”. Escaping the “Bad” is Harmful     

* Are You Aware Which Fears & Needs Sabotage Your Attempts at Intimate Relationships?      

* Don’t Wait Too Long to Understand How You Harm Your Relationships. Become Aware of it NOW!   

* Learn What Makes You Fail in Your Relationships, and How to Stop it from Happening  

* What Should You Do to Finally Understand What Stands in Your Way from Having a Successful Intimacy    

* Observing Yourself Helps You Understand How You Sabotage Your Relationships, What & How to Change   


* Are You Unhappy About Your Relationship (or Lack of)? Learn How to Develop a Satisfying One!

* An Agreement with Yourself will Empower You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship

* Listening to Your Partner’s Feedback Will Improve Your Relationship

*The Big-Little Secret of Developing and Maintaining a Successful Intimate Relationship

* Becoming Aware of the “Choices” You Make about Relationships Enables You to Develop Better Intimacy

* The Decision to Keep Failing in Your Relationships or Make the Necessary Changes is Yours!

* Want to Publish a Best-seller? Want to Have a Successful Relationship?

* Waking-up to Face Reality is the Road to Succeed at Developing a Long-lasting, Satisfying intimacy

* Saying “YES” When Wanting to Say “NO”: How to Change and Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships

* The Art of Creating a Wonderful Intimacy: When Dreams and Reality Blend Together

* Denying a Failed Relationship or Acknowledging it Determines Your Ability to Make a Change or Not

* Developing a Relationship with YOURSELF Enables You to Develop a Relationship with Another 
* Getting in Touch with Your Body-Soul-Mind Empowers You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship  
* Is it Possible to Trust/Forgive a Partner who Cheated on You?

* What Should You Do When Stuck in an Unsatisfying Intimate Relationship: 3 Routes to Consider

* What to Do When Failing to Have a Satisfying Intimacy? Tips on How & What to Change – and Succeed!


* You Don’t Need Hormones to Have a Successful Intimate Relationship. You Need Self-Awareness

* Healing After a Failed Relationship Is Possible Only When You Become Aware

*The Healing Power of Self-Awareness: Its importance for Your Personal Growth and Relationships

*Not Being Aware of How You Sabotage Your Relationships Makes You Fail in Time & Again

* Spying on Your Partner OR Learning about Yourself: Which is Better for the Relationship?

* Do You Regret Having Failed in Your Relationships? Make the Necessary Changes NOW – and Succeed!

* What Is the Most Horrific Betrayal?

* The Importance of Authenticity for a Successful Intimate Relationship

*Which Personal Qualities Enable You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship?

* How (and Why) to be Your Own Relationships’ Coach

* Changing Your Partner or Changing Yourself: Which of the two Leads to a Better Relationship?

* Being a Successful Professional Woman is No Guarantee to Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

* Jailed in Your Relationships Patterns? Develop Self-Awareness, Free Yourself & Succeed in Intimacy

* Does Being Open, Honest & Authentic during First Date Lead to a Successful Intimate Relationship?

* Is there a Correlation between having a Partner and a Relationship and Feeling Happy?     

* Conducting Your Own “Study” about Your Intimate Relationship is a Way to Observe, Reflect & Decide     

* Mindfulness & Intimacy: Gaining Self-Awareness, Personal Growth & a Successful Relationship 
* Can You Help Your Friend Enhance Her Personal Growth & Development? 

* What Wouldn’t You Do for Love?  Becoming Aware of Harmful Self-sacrificing Behaviors

* Developing Awareness is the Key to Understanding How to Stop Failing in Relationships and Succeed

* What Is Self-Awareness: Why It is Vital to Your Ability to Develop Successful Intimate Relationship

* Self-Awareness Enables You to Make a Positive Change in Your Relationships: Learn How & Why 

* How Can You Develop Self-Awareness, Understand What Harms Your Relationships & Change?


* You Often Sabotage Your Relationships by Projecting Onto Your Partner Traits You Deny in Yourself

* Projecting Onto Your Partner “Negative” or “Positive” Traits and Behaviors Harms the Relationship

* Aggression, Control & Anger Might Harm Your Relationship: Don’t Project Them onto Your Partner

* Becoming Aware of Your Projections Is Vital for Your Success with Intimate Relationships

* Do You Wish to Have a Successful Intimacy but Fail Time & Again? Learn How NOT to Fail Next Time


* Holidays: A Time to Reflect, Contemplate and Become Aware of How to Develop a Successful Intimacy

* Single? Use the Holidays to Figure Out How to Succeed Having a Successful Intimate Relationship

* The Holidays are Perfect time to STOP Dating and Understand Why You Fail in Your Relationships

* Expectations, Demands & Complaints Occur Often During Holidays, thus Harming the Relationship

* Single? Taking This Christmas the Road You Haven’t Taken Will Lead You to a Successful Intimacy

* Dating These Days Is Easier than Ever. But Does it Lead You More Easily to Successful Relationships?


To read any one of my 150 previously published articles on the subject, see:

I hope you found these articles beneficial to you as you strive to develop & maintain a successful and satisfying intimacy.

Doron Gil, Ph.D., Author of: “The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship”.

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